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Differential Equations Made Easy - Schritt fuer Schritt mit dem TI-Nspire CX CAS

         Loese Differential Equations Probleme Schritt fuer Schritt mit dem TiNspire CX CAS Taschenrechner

Differential Equations Made Easy
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  • The most comprehensive Differential Equations Solver for calculators.
  • Users have boosted their Differential Equations knowledge.
  • First, Second and higher order Differential Equations.
  • Shows step by step solutions for some Differential Equations such as separable, exact, ...
  • Includes Slope Fields, Euler method, Runge Kutta, Wronskian, LaPlace transform, system of Differential Equations, Bernoulli DE, (non) homogeneous linear systems with constant coefficient, Exact DE, shows Integrating Factors, Separable DE and much more.
  • Ideal for quick review and homework check in Differential Equation/Calculus classes.
  • Easy to use. Just plug in the equation and the correct answer shows.
  • Step by Step - Bernoulli Differential Equation
  • Step by Step - Exact Differential Equation
  • Step by Step - Non-Exact DE with Integrating Factor
  • Step by Step - Homogeneous 1. Order Differential Equation
  • Step by Step - Initial Value Problem Solver for 2. Order Differential Equations with non matching independent variables (Ex: y'(0)=0, y(1)=0 )
  • Step by Step - Inverse LaPlace for Partial Fractions and linear numerators.
  • Step by Step - LaPlace Transform
  • Step by Step - Eigenvalue and Eigenvectors.
  • Step by Step - Variation of Parameter (for 1. and 2. order Diff. Eqn's)
  • Step by Step - Method of Undetermined Coefficients
  • Step by Step - Wronskian to check Independence of Functions
  • Step by Step - Wronskian to find Coefficients
  • Step by Step - Cauchy-Euler D.E. of order 2 and 3.
  • Step by Step - Logistic Equation
  • Step by Step - Differential Equation Linear in x or in y (even using VOP).
  • Solve any Rate problem.
  • Solve RL-Circuits
  • Vibrating Springs

  • 1. ORDER DEQ
  • Solve any 1. order D.E.
  • Solve any 1. order D.E. (dy/dx)
  • Separation of Variables
  • Solution Checker
  • Exact Differential Equation
  • Non-Exact Differential Equation
  • M(x,y)dx+N(x,y)dy=0
  • N(x,y)y'+M(x,y)=0
  • Linear in x Differential Equation
  • Linear in y Differential Equation
  • RL Circuits
  • Logistic Differential Equation
  • Bernoulli Equation
  • Euler Method
  • Runge Kutta4
  • Midpoint method (order2)
  • Runge Kutta23

  • 2. ORDER DEQ
  • Solve any 2. order D.E.
  • Solve any 2. order D.E.(y''(x))
  • Check Solution of any 2. order Differential Equation
  • Homogeneous Differential Equation
  • Non-Homogeneous Differential Equation
  • Undetermined Coefficients
  • Variation of Parameter
  • Reduction of Order
  • Initial Value Problem Solver: [x0,y0]
  • Find Coefficients using Wronskian
  • Legendre Differential Equation
  • Bessel Differential Equation
  • Cauchy Euler Differential Equation
  • Vibrating Spring
  • RCL Circuits

  • Linear Homogeneous 3. Order DEQ
  • Linear Homogeneous 4. Order DEQ
  • Linear Homogeneous 5. Order DEQ
  • 3. Order Homogeneous Cauchy-Euler DEQ
  • System of DEQ's: X'=A*X
  • System of DEQ'S: X'=A*X+F

  • Solve Differential Equation using Laplace Transforms
  • Laplace Transform - Step by Step
  • Inverse Laplace Transform
  • Table of Laplace Transforms
  • Fourier Transform - Step by Step
  • Table of Fourier Transforms

  • Find EigenValues & EigenVectors
  • Find Wronskian
  • Find Partial Fractions
  • Solve Rate Problems

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