Standard and Vertex form of a Quadratic Equation

How do you convert from Vertex to Standard Form? The Vertex Form of a Parabola is where are the Vertex Coordinates. The Standard form of a Parabola is To obtain the Standard Form from the Vertex Form we use these steps: Example: To convert we first apply the binomial formula to get Next, we distribute … Read more

Parabola Form


What are the 3 different Parabola Forms? Parabolas are the Graphs of Quadratic Equations. There are 3 different forms of Quadratic Equations: Standard Form: Vertex Form: . (h,k) = Vertex Coordinates. Factored Form: . r and s = Zeros of the Parabola. What are Examples of the 3 different Parabola forms? Standard Form: can be … Read more

Domain and Range Calculator

Domain Range Calculatorr

Free Domain and Range Calculator Find the Domain and Range for any Function in a matter of seconds. How do I use the Domain and Range Calculator? Just enter your Function and press the “Calculate Domain and Range” button. The Domain and Range will be displayed in a new window. What is the Domain and … Read more

What is the Mean in Math?

whats the mean in math

What does the Mean mean in Math? The Mean in Mathematics is just another word for Average. Mathematician denote the Mean using the symbol .The Mean is found by adding up the given Numbers divided by the Number of Numbers given. As a Formula: = Sum of given Numbers / Number of Numbers = Example: … Read more

Sample Standard Deviation

Sample Standard Deviation

What is the Formula for Sample Standard Deviation ? Standard Deviation of Sample What is Sample Standard Deviation in Statistics? Sample Standard Deviation gives the average distance of your numbers to the mean of those numbers. Example 1: A Standard Deviation of 0 means that the given set of numbers are the same since they … Read more

Standard Deviation to Variance

Standard Deviation to Variance

Standard Deviation to Variance Calculator What is the difference between Variance and Standard Deviation? Both Variance and Standard Deviation are Measures of Spread in Statistics. The Variance is the Sum of the Squared Differences between the given Data and their Mean. Taking the Square-Root of the Variance then gives the Standard Deviation. The Standard Deviation … Read more