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How to find the Correlation Coefficient on TI-84 Calculators in 3 easy steps
Using your TI-84 Calculator, compute the Correlation Coefficient as described below.

1) Press 2ND 0 (which opens your Catalog), next scroll down and click DIAGNOSTIC ON as shown below in

Diagnostic On TI84

2) Now enter the x-y List under STAT -> Edit .
Enter at least 2 pairs of x-y data to find the Correlation Coefficient on Calculator

Linear Regression Data TI84 Calculator

3) Next, press STAT -> Calc -> LinReg(ax+b), select CALCULATE and Press ENTER to find the Correlation Coefficient r on the TI-84 Calculator

Voila, the Correlation Coefficient is displayed behind the letter r. r^2 is called the Coefficient of Determination.

Correlation Coefficient on Calculator (TI84)

Remember that a Correlation Coefficient r=1 means that your Regression Line passes through the given x-y data with a positive slope.
Conversely, r=-1 means that your Regression Line passes through the given x-y data with a negative slope.
Finally, r=0 means that there is no correlation between the given x-y data, just wildly scattered without pattern.
Contact us should you have questions how to do Correlation Coefficient on Calculators. It is fun and not difficult.

Quick Correlation Coefficient Calculator. To find the Correlation Coefficient enter your x-y Data, click the Triangle on the right and select 'Find Linear Correlation Coefficient'

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