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▷Trigonometry Made Easy - Step by Step with the TI-Nspire CX (CAS)◁

         Solve Trigonometry problems stepwise using the Ti-Nspire Calculator

Trigonometry Made Easy
Runs on TI-Nspire CX CAS only.
It does not run on computers!
TI-Nspire CX CAS
TI-Nspire CX CAS

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  • The most comprehensive Trig APP for TI calculators.
  • Ideal for quick review in all classes involvingTrigonometry.
  • STEP BY STEP - Solve any 90oand non 90o Triangle.Just enter 2 sides and an angle, 3 sides or 1 side and 2 angles to view each step until the complete triangle is solved.
  • This app is intelligent enough to automatically apply the Law of Sine or the Law of Cosine and other basic Triangle Rules to solve any triangle STEP by STEP.
  • It even notifies if triangle cannot be solved or solutions are ambiguous.
  • Read the Trig-Theorems and Identities.
  • Evaluate Trig Functions and set up Trig-Models.
  • Master the Unit-Circle and its Coordinates.
  • Compute Sectors and Arcs.
  • Convert Degree to Radian and vice versa.
  • STEP BY STEP - Given Sin Cos or Tan find the remaining ratios in a 90 degree triangle.
  • Right Triangle Checker: Check For Right Angle given 3 points
  • Trig Identity Checker
  • Convert Degrees(decimals) to Degrees, Minutes, Seconds
  • Convert Cartesian Coordinates to Polar Coordinates and vice versa.

  • Read: Intro, Rules, Definitions
  • Solve any Equation
  • Find values for sin(x), cos(x),..given x
  • Quadrant Solver: SohCahToa
  • Angle Finder
  • Read: About Hyperbolics

  • Trig Identity Checker
  • Read: Sum to Product Identities
  • Read: Product to Sum Identities
  • Read: Sum & Difference Identities
  • Read: Double & Half Angle Identities
  • Read: Intro
  • Solve any 90 degree Triangle

  • Read: 3 Laws
  • Solve any Triangle
  • SSS-Case
  • SAS-Case
  • SSA-Case
  • SAA-Case
  • Solve Triangle given 3 Vertices

  • Read: Unit Circle: Angles & Coordinates
  • Read: Circle Properties & Formulas
  • Find Sector
  • Sector Solver
  • Arc Length Solver
  • Linear Speed <-> Angular Speed

  • Read: Symmetry of Trig Functions
  • Read: Co-Angles & Co-Functions
  • Read: Period of Trig Functions
  • Read: Derivatives & Integrals of Trig Functions

  • Polar <-> Cartesian (x,y)
  • Degree <-> Radian
  • Degree to Degree/Minutes/Seconds
  • Revolution to Degree/Radian
  • Revolution per min to radian per Second

  • Help & Use of Keys
  • What to Input
  • About us
  • Set FontSize

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