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▷Statics and Dynamics Made Easy - Step by Step with the TI-Nspire CX (CAS)◁

         Solve Statics problems stepwise using the Ti-Nspire Calculator

Statics and Dynamics Made Easy
Runs on TI-Nspire CX and CX CAS only.
It does not run on computers!
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Made Easy App on the TI-Nspire CX CAS Calculator Made Easy App on the TI-Nspire CX Calculator

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  • The most comprehensive STATICS APP for calculators.
  • Users have boosted their knowledge & scores.
  • Ideal for quick review in all Statics and engineering classes.
  • Easy to use. Just plug in the equation or numbers and the correct answer shows.

  • Statics
  • What is Statics?
  • Balance a Seesaw:
  • Forces and Particle Equilibrium
  • Components of a Force in XY Plane:
  • Components of a Force Given Line of Action:
  • Components of a Force in 3D Space: Fx=Fcos(Ax) Fy=Fcos(Ay) Fz=Fcos(Az)
  • Components of a Force in 3D Space: F = v(Fx^(2)+Fy^(2)+Fz^(2))
  • Vector Notation of a Force: Cosines:
  • Vector Notation of a Force: 2 Points:
  • Vector Notation of a Force: d Calculator
  • Horizontal and Vertical Components of Planar Forces:
  • Lines of Action:

  • Resultant of Concurrent and Parallel Force Systems
  • Resultant of Coplanar Force System:
  • Resultant of Coplanar Parallel Force System:
  • Resultant of Distributed Loads: Rectangular Load
  • Resultant of Distributed Loads: Triangular Load
  • Resultant of Distributed Loads: Trapezoidal Load

  • Resultant of Non-Concurrent Force System
  • Principle of Moments

  • Equilibrium of Force System
  • Definition
  • Formulas
  • Equilibrium of Concurrent Force System
  • Equilibrium of Parallel Force System
  • Equilibrium of Non-Concurrent Force System

  • Structural Applications and Distributed Loads
  • Plane Trusses:
  • Space Trusses:
  • Systems Containing multiforce Members:

  • Centroids of Composite Figures
  • Homogeneous Flat Plate
  • Centroid of Lines
  • Centroid of Ares

  • Friction
  • Elements of Friction
  • f=mu*N
  • tan(f)=f/N=mu

  • Useful Trigonometric Functions
  • READ: Intro
  • Solve any 90 degree Triangle
  • READ: 3 Laws
  • Solve any triangle
  • SSS-Case: Law of Cosine
  • SAS-Case: Law of Cosine
  • SSA-Case: Law of Sine
  • SAA-Case: Law of Sine
  • Evaluate sin(x)

  • Centroids of Common Geometric Shapes
  • Rectangle
  • Triangle
  • Circle
  • Quarter Circle
  • Semi-Circle
  • Ellipse
  • Half Ellipse
  • Quarter Ellipse
  • Parabolic Segment
  • Spandrel
  • Circular Arc
  • Sector of a Circle

  • Moment of Inertia and Radius of Gyration
  • Moment of Inertia about the x-axis
  • Moment of Inertia about the y-axis
  • Polar Moment of Inertia
  • Radius of Gyration
  • Transfer Formula for Moment of Inertia
  • Transfer Formula for Polar Moment of Inertia
  • Transfer Formula for Radii of Gyration

  • Moment of Inertia Common Shapes
  • Rectangle
  • Triangle
  • Circle
  • Semicircle
  • Quartercircle
  • Ellipse

  • Center of Mass
  • Center of Mass (2D)
  • 1. Moment of Mass about x and y-axis
  • Mass of Lamina - f(x)
  • Mass of Lamina - f(y)
  • Radius of Gyration (x-axis)
  • Radius of Gyration (y-axis)
  • 1. & 2. & 3. Moment of Inertia about x-axis
  • 1. & 2. & 3. Moment of Inertia about y-axis
  • 3 Moments of Inertia of a Solid
  • Mass of a Solid
  • Moments of Mass of Solid (3D)
  • Center of Mass of Solid (3D)
  • Hydrostatic Force
  • Work= Integral of Force
  • Fluid Force

  • Vectors & Vector Valued Functions
  • READ: Vector Rules
  • 2D: Vector Length
  • 3D: Unit Vector

  • Dynamics(Kinematics) and Projectile Motion
  • Uniform Motion: s=v*t
  • All in one 2-Vectors Explorer
  • Read: Newton's 3 Laws of Motion
  • Newtons 2. Law: F=m*a
  • Find Net Force/Resultant
  • Torque: T=F*r*sin(A)
  • Read: The Big 5 Equations
  • Average Speed=Distance/Time : v=d/t
  • Linear Motion: vf^2=vo^2+2*a*d
  • Linear Motion: vf=vo+a*t
  • Linear Motion: d=(vo^2+vf^2)/2 * t
  • Linear Motion: x=vo*t + 1/2at^2
  • Free Fall: v=v(2*g*h)
  • Free Fall: v=g*t
  • Free Fall: h=(1/2)*g*t^2
  • Projectile at Angle
  • Projectile Motion: Highest Point

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