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▷Business Statistics Made Easy - Step by Step with the TI-Nspire CX (CAS)◁

         Solve Business Statistics problems stepwise using the Ti-Nspire Calculator

Business Statistics Made Easy
Runs on TI-Nspire CX and CX CAS only.
It does not run on computers!
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  • Users have boosted their Statistics and Probability knowledge.
  • Shows Step by Step solutions for most Statistics and Probability topics.
  • Step by Step Confidence Intervals for mean, proportion, 2 means, 2 proportions, variance, slope, etc.
  • Compute Sample Sizes for Confidence Intervals.
  • Step by Step Tests of Significance (Z-Tests, T-Tests, ChiSquare Goodness of Fit and Independence tests, 2-sample T tests, 2 proportion Z tests, for Variance, etc)
  • Step by Step F Test for 2 variances
  • Step by Step Regression.
  • Read about how Confidence Intervals behave.
  • Read about Significant Tests: Type 1 Error, Type 2 Error, Power of a Test.
  • Much easier handling than other Statistics packages: Choose to enter Data or Statistic values. Select Significant/Confidence Levels easily.
  • Distributions: compute probabilities, etc.
  • Includes Binomial, Geometric, Normal, Student-t, Exponential, Poisson, Multinomial, Hypergeometric, F-, Chi-Square and more Distributions.
  • Probability Checker for independent events, disjoint events. Also solves P(A or B)=P(A)+P(B)-P(A and B) for the unknown.
  • Regressions: Linear , Quadratic, Cubic, Quartic, Sinusoidal, Logarithmic, Exponential, Power, MedMed
  • Step by Step Derive the Coefficients for a Linear Regression Line, the Coefficient of Determination and the Correlation Coefficient.
  • Also: Z-score Solver, Random Number Generator, etc
  • 1 or 2 variable stats on mean, mode, median, standard deviation, variance, range
  • Random Variables: Compute Variance, Expected Value and Standard Deviation.
  • Additional Modules x`on: Probability, Combinatorics, Percentages, Ratios, Proportions, Exponential and Logarithmic Functions, Exponential Function Solver, Equation Solver

    • n1*n2*n3*.. = Multiplication Principle
    • n! = Number of Rearrangements
    • nPr = Number of ways to rearrange r given n
    • nCr = Number of ways to pick r given n
    • n^r = # ways to rearrange n items repeated r times
    • (n+r-1)!/((n-1)!*r!) = Select r given n w. repeatition
    • Binomial Coefficients & Pascal Triangle

    • Probability & Expected Value
    • Read: Introduction & Examples
    • Read: Rules & Properties
    • Odds <-> Probability
    • Conditional Probability
    • Expected Value: Find mu and s
    • Read: Cards
    • Read: Dice
    • Read: Marbles
    • Read: Coins
    • P(A or B)=P(A)+P(B)-P(A and B)
    • Check if A and B are dependent or disjoint
    • P(A or B or C)

    • Statistics
    • Find Average
    • Find Weighted Average
    • Find Std Deviation
    • Find Quartiles & 5-Number Summary
    • Find Percentiles
    • Z-score Solver

    • Regression
    • Find Regression Line y=mx+b
    • Find Regression Line y=mx+b Step by Step
    • Find Regression Line y=a+bx
    • Read: All about Linear Regression
    • Read: Correlation is not Causation!
    • Find Median-Median Line y=mx+b
    • Find Quadratic Regression y=ax^2+bx+c
    • Find Cubic Regression y=ax^3+bx^2+cx+d
    • Quartic Regression y=ax^4+bx^3+cx^2+dx+e
    • Find Power Regression y=a*b^x
    • Find Exponential Regression y=a*x^b
    • Find Logarithmic Regression y=a+b*ln(x)
    • Find Sinusoidal Regression y=a*sin(bx+c)+d
    • Logistic Regression y=c*e^(bx)/(e^(bx)+a)

    • Distributions
    • Binomial Distribution Table
    • Cumulative Binomial Distribution
    • Normal Distribution
    • Inverse Normal Solver
    • Read: About Normal Distributions
    • Exponential Distribution Table
    • Geometric Distribution Table
    • Cumulative Geometric Distribution
    • Poisson Distribution Table
    • Cumulative Poisson Distribution
    • Student T-Distribution Table
    • Cumulative T-Distribution
    • Inverse T Solver
    • Chi^2-Distribution Table
    • Cumulative Chi^2-Distribution
    • Inverse Chi^2-Solver
    • F-Distribution Table
    • Cumulative F-Distribution
    • Inverse F-Solver

    • Confidence Intervals
    • Read: Confidence Intervals & their Behavior
    • CI for Mean mu with known Standard Deviation
    • CI for Mean: Sample Size given Margin of Error
    • CI for 2 Means with known Standard Deviations
    • CI for Mean mu with unknown Standard Deviation
    • CI for 2 Means with unknown Standard Deviations
    • CI for Proportion p
    • CI for p: Sample Size given Margin of Error
    • CI for 2 Proportions
    • CI for Variance s^2 of Population
    • CI for Variance s^2 of Sample

    • Tests of Significance
    • Read: About Tests of Significance
    • Z-Test for Mean Ho:mu=mu_o
    • Z-Test for Means Ho:mu1=mu2
    • Z-Test for Proportion Ho:p=po
    • Z-Test for Proportions Ho:p1=p2
    • T-Test for Mean Ho:mu=mu_o
    • T-Test for Means Ho:mu1=mu2
    • F-Test for Ho:s1=s2
    • ChiSquared-Test: Goodness of Fit
    • ChiSquared-Test of Independence

    • Markov Chains & Stoch. Matrices
    • Stochastic and Regular Stochastic Matrix
    • Probability Vector
    • Terminal State & Fixed Probability Vector
    • Find A^n
    • nth State of a Markov Chain: p0*A^n

    • Business Statistics
    • Moving Average
    • Simple Exponential Smoothing
    • Exponential Smoothing with Seed
    • Portfolio Return
    • Portfolio Risk

    • Decision Analysis
    • Wald Mini-Max Strategy
    • Hurwicz Maxi-Max Strategy
    • Savage Maxi-Min Strategy
    • LaPlace Expected-Value Strategy
    • Unequal Probability Strategy

    • Help & About
    • Help & Use of Keys
    • What to Input
    • About us
    • Set FontSize

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